Introducing Silvero

SILVERO – brand new generation of tokenized securities

Silvero Advantages

Silvero offers a unique opportunity in the blockchain world being one of the first security tokens generating a regular and stable return to its owners.

The profit from Silvero investment is based on already existing and performing the business of Silverside. Investors can expect a return of 6 % p.a. being one of the most profitable STs on the market.

Security tokens are a digital representation of traditional securities like equity or debt instruments and accounted in a distributed ledger. They are backed by the company's assets and profits and hence they are heavily dependent on the structure of the regulatory environment in which they are issued. Their ownership is confirmed through blockchain transactions.

There are over $256 trillion of real-world assets in the world, after all, and connecting this to consumer investors through blockchain could transform the way we understand financial markets. As such, ‘the opportunity for crypto-securities is truly massive, especially with regards to asset classes like real estate and fine art that have historically suffered from limited commerce and liquidity’.

According to some estimations, the security token offering (STO) market could reach $10 trillion capitalization in the next few years, significantly changing the fundraising process for fintech projects. In a longer perspective, it is aimed to change the way how to attract investments. Even NASDAQ, the third largest American stock market, considers security tokens to play a crucial role in 2019.

Silvero is a security token backed by an existing cash-flow generating assets – company Silverside which provides consumer loans on the Slovak market. It is a digital representation of the liability between a Swiss entity BitPolis and Silverside (underlying asset) and will be launched on the BitPolis platform. Silvero and other tokens available on BitPolis will be fully regulatory compliant under Swiss legislation and holding the approval from FINMA.

100% of raised money (both in fiat and crypto) will be used in Silverside a.s. as funds which will be distributed as a loan to consumers.

Silvero key features

  • Silvero is a security token (SE) – SE are a digital representation of traditional securities like equity or debt instruments and accounted in a distributed ledger. As such they are tangible and backed by the company's assets and profits.

  • Silvero enables capital to reach Central European markets easily – Silvero provides opportunity for investors to buy shares of assets that were previously much more difficult to attain within the CE region, where Arca Capital runs its business.

  • Silvero is regulatory compliant- With the granting of the license from the regulatory authority (FINMA) it is allowed to operate on a strictly regulated market. fully reflect the legal requirements of those countries where it will be available for purchase. Thus, it will become attractive for investors from the field of retail as well as for institutions.

  • Silvero has no minimum soft cap– While the Silvero hard cap is 30 million tokens, its soft cap has no minimum due to a unique mechanism of raised funds deployment.

  • Silvero is redeemable token.

  • Silvero has low transaction fees: With 0,01% transaction fees Silvero blockchain is one of the cheapest on the market while retaining all key features like scalability, modularity, fastness etc.

Silvero is settled rapidly - Traditional securities take several days to settle (T+2 and more – weekend days). With Silvero trades can be settled multiply faster counting in minutes instead of days.