Introducing BitPolis

BitPolis – A Security Token Market Changer

BitPolis – A Security Token Market Changer

BitPolis is an advanced digital investment platform for managing traditional as well as cryptographically secured assets including security tokens. As a Swiss-based entity, it fulfills all necessary regulations providing very unique investment environment with one of the highest revenue schemes on the market.


A privately-held investment group Arca Capital that is behind BitPolis runs its business for years in several Central European countries. Its portfolio is worth nearly 2 billion EUR of assets and apart from manifold financial services and wealth management, it includes real-estate, development projects, manufacturing, green energy funds, power plants etc.

From the very beginning, Arca Capital group operates within regulated environment only and BitPolis is the latest effort to branch out its portfolio to digital financial services based on blockchain technology, however following the strict regulation settings. This decision embraces the idea to provide brand new digital service (tokenized securities – i.e. a kind of digital bond) to a broader investor basis since blockchain technology provides better accessibility to various kinds of digital financial services.

Arca Capital thus agreed to co-operate with PwC Switzerland to create a legal and fully licensed digital project that would enable to issue a security token generating a stable and sustainable revenue.


Investment portfolio management platform and DEX in one

BitPolis is a platform for managing traditional investment assets. However, it hosts also new digital opportunities in the form of security tokens. Its financial ecosystem is focused primarily on security tokens of any kind fitting its business policy to bring its investors the best compliant products on the market.

Silvero tokens bear several advantages in comparison with other security tokens on the market – they provide regular and frequent increase in redemption value of tokens; they have an underlying asset with proven history – the company Silverside; raised funds are allocated as an investment, so they are not used for covering development, infrastructure, and advisory costs; regulatory compliance goes beyond standard due to cooperation with FINMA and security measurements are also laid on very high-level thanks to  BitPolis platform features and proprietary blockchain.

As for the traditional investments, Silvero tokens are more transparent; increase in value is regular and frequent; their ownership can be more fractional and thereby enable lower minimum investments; they are settled faster, more scalable and accessible, so their digital character enables them better market penetration. Since they are more efficient, as a result, they can attract new investors.


Token reflecting real business

Silvero is one of the first digital tokens ever with real business underlying asset worked into its birth certificate – a kind of liability between the two companies. This real business case distinguishes BitPolis from any other security token platform making it safe and attractive for any investor. The source of this cash-flow generating asset is a liability between BitPolis as a Swiss-based company and the company Silverside with the domicile in Slovakia (EU and Eurozone member).

The company was founded in 2015 and shortly it has been turned into a fast-growing consumer loan provider in the Slovak market, with all relevant operational and IT support systems required to deliver services in the competitive market.

As of December 2018, Arca Capital invested more than 28 million EUR in Silverside to fund the growth of the loan portfolio of the company. Silverside has already reached a break-even point after launching its activities and nowadays it has executed more than 12 thousand loans in its portfolio. The company has reached a milestone where it can safely serve the intended token return while being poised for further growth in Slovakia. Other countries may be added in the near future.


Game changer

BitPolis is emitting a limited volume of security token Silvero(30 million EUR) to ensure safe and profitable deployment into CEE consumer loan market since 100% of raised funds will be lent to Silverside for its core business. These funds have no maturity date. Silverside, on the other hand, will provide collateral in the form of pledge on its receivables from consumer loans. Only high-quality receivables will be selected to achieve a target 100% loan to value ratio. Any Silvero token thus represents a legal right to investment return set to 6% p.a.

Investors entry:

Silvero investors can purchase these tokens from a issuer, i.e. BitPolis on its desktop platform ( This option is available until the hard cap will be reached. The value of 1 Silvero reflects its actual redemption value at the purchase date. (At the beginning of sale redemption value of 1 token will be set to 1 EUR.


Investors’ exit via:  

Guaranteed redemption of tokens on request. Redemption will be carried out by Arca Capital. The relative size of Arca Capital to planned raised volume (1,4 billion EUR of assets vs 30 mil. EUR planned to raise) provides additional safety to investors.



Since Arca Capital group clients range from retail and qualified up to institutional investors, BitPolis reflect these groups of investors being a common environment for them. Its clients can find several services for managing their investment portfolio in an easy and intuitive way. Advanced security tools within the registration and authentication area provide maximum security comfort for all clients. Investors can also choose specific services enhancing the secure storage of private keys like cold storage solutions.

BitPolis brings various benefits and advantages to its clients and investors providing them maximum comfort and security.


BitPolis in tandem with Silvero creates specific zero-coupon bond encased on blockchain making it very safe, accessible and profitable investment without any counterpart on the market.